Trade Facilitation

Trade Facilitation B.V. is straightforward in providing services regarding customs and international trade.

Being an entrepreneur you are doing what you are good at, and that’s doing business. There is a good chance that you regard the world of customs & international trade as bureaucratic and too much detail. And yet you will be surprised how many opportunities it offers, as our pragmatic and innovative approach will show you.

Against the background of dynamic international affairs and their implications, it is refreshing to launch a new vision. A vision in which Trade Facilitation’s strategic, tactical and pragmatic solutions play a key role. Our innovative approach will change your mind set with regard to customs and international trade.

What remains is astonishment about the results that we achieve.


Legal Procedures

Your international operations must meet national and European legislation. Perhaps you are using the specific opportunities provided by licences. You may find yourself in the situation that you disagree with an administrative decision and you don’t want to change your tack.
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You will need good advice to determine your course. The advice will be formulated after careful examination of the situation and will be substantiated with facts. This definition of advice fits us like a glove and is close to our hearts. We don’t go for anything less. In order to achieve such a tailored service, we would like to meet you face to face.
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There is a twist in a rope and you wish to change course. You neither have time nor the means to successfully implement our advice in your organisation. Within your organisation there is a lack of knowledge or capacity to meet your targets. Projects could be the answer to these situations.
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If you monitor your business closely, you can adjust course in time and prevent your organisation from running into a sandbank. The dynamics of international trade require structured management of means and processes. After in-depth analysis of your organisation and processes, you will reach the conclusion that you want or require external management.
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Legal Procedures


Many companies lack the ability to start legal procedures or successfully fulfil them. Trade Facilitation has the knowledge and expertise to do this for you. We are very experienced in completing objection procedures and appeal or cassation appeal procedures in the area of customs and international trade. On behalf of our clients, we successfully completed procedures at the Supreme Court, one of which even resulted in an amendment of the law.

The European Customs Law, as laid down in the new Union Custom Codes (UCC), has been further detailed in the National Customs Law and Administrative Law. It provides the opportunity to challenge customs decisions, to register objections and, if necessary, to submit an appeal.

Subjects that are relevant to your company are the classification of goods in the harmonised customs nomenclature, financial foundation of international transactions and meeting legal requirements as laid down in licences based on national and European legislation.

Errors or structural organisational processes can lead to recovery of customs duties and VAT. You may have to overcome various unexpected obstacles. In such situations Trade Facilitation is your expert partner and will advise you on the legal steps.

Looking from a positive angle, legal procedures could even result in unexpected benefits. One example is a better classification of goods which could lead to a refund of paid customs duties. We cannot expect the Customs and Tax Administration to refund them spontaneously. In this situation, you will need an expert partner who can advise you on your options. This positive angle will set your company on its way to a healthier financial position, without recoveries.

In situations such as those above, Trade Facilitation will assist in settling a former decision of the Tax Administration to your advantage. The means you have at your disposal are e.g. the objection and appeal procedures. Before submitting any procedure, we will perform an analysis to make an educated guess of the success rate.



We carefully listen to your story about your challenges and vision for the future. We will translate this information into a transparent and ready-to-use advice. Years of experience enable Trade Facilitation to successfully manage the international flow of goods in a responsible yet tax-attractive way, at the lowest operational cost. Potential savings and risks can be assessed and addressed after our “Customs & International Trade Quick-scan”.

We will efficiently audit the various commercial areas that cover your company’s activities. Then, we will clearly specify your organisational, financial and legal opportunities in a management report.

Trade Facilitation’s distinctive features include our extensive business knowledge – both on a work and on an educational level – of production companies, import and export companies as well as logistics providers. We will deliver clear advice including a management report and presentation that is concrete, consumes little valuable time and does not need any translation before implementation.

We can make the world of Customs and International Trade as attractive to others as to ourselves.


In order to help you achieve your targets, we autonomously execute projects within your organisation. Depending of the nature of the work, this may also involve collaboration with specialised partners from our professional network.

The projects may involve:

  • SASP licence application, including related conversations with customs. We also produce and implement any required procedure into your company quality system.
  • AEO Licences, for the purpose of customs simplification and for safety purposes.
  • Known Consignor for airfreight export. Being a registered training company for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, we are licenced to train your employees as airfreight assistants and to update their knowledge through the mandatory yearly refreshment training.
  • Bonded warehouses.
  • Inward and outward processing.
  • End use procedure / Customs and VAT exemption.
  • Excise tax and consumption tax licences.
  • Customs declarations and fiscal representation.
  • Logistic process optimisation.
  • Education and training for production companies and knowledge organisations on customs and international trade subjects.
  • Any customs licence possible and the automation of it.
  • Fully outsourcing of strategic management and operational activities.


Unlike the classic consultancies, the partners of Trade Facilitation have business backgrounds. Being well-experienced managers they are able to realise your legal and business challenges in a hands-on manner.

Our range of services include the following types of management:

Interim Management

You urgently need a captain for your ship but it is difficult to fill the vacancy. Something has to be done soon to guarantee the continuity of your AEO customs licence or to start the project.

Trade Facilitation offers interim management. For a consecutive period of time, our consultants will fill your vacancy, initiating and carrying out appropriate actions. In doing so, they ensure continuity of your business.

Project Management

We can take the helm of your project in order to sail safely to the final destination. Our expert knowledge enables us to successfully manage your projects. Our clients describe the way in which we organise, prepare, plan, execute and deliver projects as unique.


No matter what the work involves: software implementation, customs licence processes or international trade related scans, the agreed results will be achieved within the agreed time.

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