Creative Productions

Hoisting the sails takes considerable strength but we enjoy frequently showing you our creative and cultural side.

It will give an insight in who we are and will show our history that started in 2010, when our company was established.


We hope it will also show our deep understanding and good intentions. Have fun in reading about our projects!


Special projects

We were given the opportunity to contribute our knowledge and organisational skills to the following foundations and museums.


Hendrik Hamel Foundation

Importing scale models and historic artefacts from Korea for permanent exhibition in the Hendrik Hamel House. The foundation was exempted from paying VAT and customs duties for the exhibition.


Shofukan Foundation

Importing an original Tea House from Japan with VAT and customs duties payment exemption.


West-Frysian Museum

Importing the VOC ship ‘De Halve Maen’ from the United States of America with VAT and customs duties payment exemption.